Food Processing Equipment

from Hughes Equipment Co.

Food processing equipment and machinery from Hughes Equipment Company is engineered and manufactured to provide optimal performance. Hughes has a broad range of food processing machinery including huskers, blanchers, cleaners, coolers, conveyors, cutters, fillers, meters, snippers and fresh market equipment.

Hughes also shares its food processing industry knowledge through its proprietary PACIR™ plant audit and analysis process, helping customers operate at peak efficiency.

The company is known for its strategic partnering approach, combining highly experienced sales consultants and management, engineering and high quality design with skilled manufacturing to produce innovative solutions for customers’ unique food processing needs.

The Latest from Hughes …

Save Water, Improve Food Safety
With Hughes Rotary Blancher

Hughes_Rotary_Blancher_2016Save water, enhance food safety and operational safety with the Rotary Blancher/Cooker/Cooler from Hughes Equipment Company. We designed this food processing system with more standard features than any other brand on the market.
Download the Rotary Blancher/Cooker/Cooler information brochure to learn more about how your processing line will benefit from the system.

New International Financing Options
Available for Equipment Sales, Leasing

Hughes Equipment Company has made it easier to acquire food processing equipment for installation outside the U.S. via financing programs. Contact us to learn more about the attractive terms that can get you up and running fast with equipment and parts from Hughes.