Financing for Exported Food Processing Equipment

Financing for Food Processing Equipment Exports

Hughes Equipment Company offers financing with attractive terms for equipment and parts installed outside the U.S.

Hughes also offers credit card financing and financing programs for domestic sales.

Our international financing options include:

  • Short-term and medium-term financing (90 days to 5 years)
  • Open credit terms to 360 days
  • 2- to 5-year equipment financing
  • Operating lease programs

Short- and Medium-Term Financing

Hughes has an established relationship with the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. This  facilitates short-term and medium-term credit sales through loan guarantee and insurance programs. With small fees and low interest rates, customers avoid expensive bank fees for letters of credit or bank guarantees. The program can facilitate multiple suppliers of equipment under one loan. The application process can happen quickly to help the customer begin production sooner on-time and on-budget.

Open Credit

For qualifying customers, Hughes will be able to offer open terms on parts and equipment purchases. This may allow customers time to install and begin production of product before the payment is due. Costs for open credit terms will be very low to the customer.

  • Easy application process
    • One credit agency report
    • Two trade references (at 50% or more of requested credit and similar terms)
    • Fast approval process
  • Down payment may or may not be required, depending on order

Extended Financing

For qualifying customers, Hughes will help the customer facilitate financing through United States EXIM bank loan guarantees. The program will allow customers to purchase high quality, U.S.-built Hughes Equipment with very little money down, and pay for it over time.  Payments are due every 6 months. (two times annually)

  • Straightforward application process
    • Items from above, plus
    • 3 years of financial statements
    • Reference from primary commercial bank
    • Reasonable financial condition (3 years in business, positive operating profits, liabilities less than 1.75 times company net worth, EBITDA / debt service at least 1.5)
  • Down payment as low as 15%
  • May include equipment from multiple U.S. suppliers

North American Leasing

For customers in Canada and Mexico, we offer leasing:

  • 36-month, 48-month, or 60-month terms available
  • No initial out-of-pocket expenses
  • Up to 115% of equipment can be financed to help fund installation
  • Fast, easy application process
  • Purchase option at the end of lease

Contact Hughes Equipment for an indicative quote and to learn more about these programs: 1-920-623-2000.

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