Hughes Equipment Introduces Fresh Husker, Fresh Cutter

New Models Ideal for Fresh Market Corn, Fresh Frozen Corn

July 17, 2014 – Hughes Equipment has introduced the Fresh Husker and the Fresh Cutter, two smaller pieces of equipment ideal for low capacity processing of corn and other vegetables and fruit. The units are particularly suited for fresh market and fresh frozen corn.

“After consulting closely with growers and processors on their needs for smaller capacity units, our design engineers came up with two innovative, reliable pieces of equipment the market is sure to embrace,” said Ross Lund, company president. “We’re confident that both new food food processing units will reduce labor costs and help local producers increase profits.”

Fresh Husker Designed to Provide Clean, High-Profit Ears

The Fresh Husker is designed to gently and efficiently remove husks, providing ears ready for fresh market or fresh frozen sale, according to Lund. It has the capacity of 20 to 30 ears per minute, depending on variety and corn conditions. Husking efficiency is approximately 75 percent in ideal conditions, with shanks removed.

The Fresh Husker can be operated by one person, and can easily be transported. Lockable casters keep the 650-pound husker secure during use.

Along with husking corn, the Fresh Husker removes stems and debris from fruit such as citrus and apples, and vines. It also can remove tops and debris from beets, carrots, onions, potatoes and radishes.

Fresh Husker Features
• Stainless steel construction
• Manually loaded indeed chute
• Adjustable roll include with hand crank
• Versatile single-phase input, three-phase output
• Water spray manifold to help keep rolls clean
• Clear Lexan top to allow operator view of process
• Lockable swivel casters
• Safety switches for operator protection

Download the Fresh Husker Brochure

Fresh Cutter Designed for Quick, Clean Cutting

The new Fresh Cutter is the ideal companion of the Fresh Husker, and was designed for commercial operations that need a cutter with fewer features, Lund said.

With the Fresh Cutter, all sweet corn and the usual 10 to 30 percent of husked ears that have cosmetic imperfections can now be efficiently cut for fresh or fresh frozen kernel sales or other high end use.

The Fresh Cutter can handle up to 100 ears per minute under normal operating conditions. Husked ears are manually fed into the cutter, removing kernels quickly and cleanly via a rotating six-knife head.

The unit weighs 540 pounds.

“The Fresh Husker and Fresh Cutter will help growers and processors get a better return on their products, and will especially be valued by processors serving the expanding fresh market and the fresh frozen market,” Lund said.

Fresh Cutter Features
• Stainless steel construction
• Conveyor to feed ears to the cutter
• Cutter head with six rotating knives
• Water spray nozzle for flushing and lubricating cutter head
• Safety stop accessible from all sides
• Gravity-fed bottle oiler with sight glass for lubrication
• Centralized grease zerks
• Operator controls
• Single-phase 230V power

Download the Fresh Cutter Brochure

Contact Hughes Equipment for more information on the Fresh Husker or Fresh Cutter, toll-free in the U.S. at 866-535-9303 or elsewhere at 920-623-2000.

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