Hughes Announces Equipment Leasing, Credit Card Acceptance

July 7, 2014 — Hughes Equipment Company now offers equipment leasing and accepts credit cards to make it easier for food processors to benefit from its line of innovative food processing machines.

“We recognize that capital expenditures can be a real challenge for some food processors,” said Ross Lund, Hughes Equipment Company president. “At the same time, we know they want equipment that improves their efficiency and productivity. We can now fulfill those needs via equipment leasing.”

Hughes Equipment’s leasing arrangements will assist its clients by offering the following benefits:

• Payment structures to meet customer cash flow needs
• Quick approvals
• 100% + financing to conserve customer cash flow
• Preservation of customers’ bank lines for working capital needs
• Maximizing tax benefits

According to the 2013 Survey of Equipment Finance Activity, produced by Equipment Leasing & Finance Association (ELFA), 55% of all equipment financed is done so at the point of sale.

“We feel that those statistics clearly indicate that our clients desire leasing options. We want to be proactive and provide an alternative, flexible approach,” Lund said.

At the same time, Hughes Equipment is now accepting payments for equipment and parts via Visa and Master Card.

About Hughes Equipment Company, LLC

Hughes Equipment is a Columbus, Wis.-based manufacturer and international distributor of stainless steel equipment and parts for the food processing industry. Its machinery is used for vegetable, pasta, rice, fruit and root crop processing and preparation. Hughes manufactures cooking, cleaning, conveying, cutting, cooling, filling, husking, metering and snipping machinery. Based on the company’s 50+ years of experience, the food processing experts at Hughes Equipment work as strategic partners to bring efficiencies and higher productivity to their customers.

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