Hughes Equipment Introduces Facility Performance Audits

January 27, 2015 — Food processing plant managers are finding new ways to increase productivity, based on findings from operations audits introduced by Hughes Equipment Company last fall.

“We’ve conducted several confidential audits of food processing operations and have uncovered opportunities for efficiency gains in each case,” said Ross Lund, president of Hughes Equipment Company. “The feedback from food processors has been very positive.”

Hughes Equipment introduced its audit system — the original food processing plant review — in November in response to requests from processing plant managers. Until Hughes launched its audit system, there was no similar service in the marketplace. The proprietary process known as PACIR™ shares the Hughes staff’s extensive food processing operations experience with processors who are seeking peak performance at their facilities.

PACIR™ stands for Process Analysis and Continuous Improvement Review. Each audit is customized for each processing facility where it is engaged, and based on the agreed-upon scope of the review.

“PACIR™ is a new, confidential process that audits food processing operations and then provides a detailed, actions-specific plan on ways to gain efficiencies and get a facility to peak performance,” Lund said.

The PACIR™ audits cover a variety of processes, including unloading, cleaning, conveying, processing, and surge capacity.

“We often find that, as processors add new equipment or expand facilities, they can lose efficiencies in the stream,” said Todd Belz, Hughes vice president and chief technical officer. “We can help them get to peak performance.”

Because Hughes Equipment designs and manufactures a full array of food processing equipment, the service is available for any food processing facility, no matter what brand of equipment is used.

“As a company that has more than 50 years in business, our staff has deep knowledge of food processing operations and expert insights into efficient processing system,” Lund said. “That incredible experience of people like Todd Belz is the foundation of PACIR™ and is what is making the process valuable to food processors. It’s another example of how Hughes Equipment is not just a manufacturer of innovative machinery, but also a strategic partner to our customers.”

Download the PACIR information sheet

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About Hughes Equipment Company, LLC

Hughes Equipment is a Columbus, Wis.-based manufacturer and international distributor of stainless steel equipment and parts for the food processing industry. Its machinery is used around the world for vegetable, pasta, rice, fruit and root crop processing and preparation. Hughes manufactures cooking, cleaning, conveying, cutting, cooling, filling, husking, metering and snipping machinery. Based on the company’s 50+ years of experience, the food processing experts at Hughes Equipment work as strategic partners to bring efficiencies and higher productivity to their customers.

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