Husker Rolls

Replacement Husker Rolls for Corn Husking Equipment

Readily Available and Competitively Priced

replacement husker rollsHughes Equipment Company sells replacement husker rolls for husking equipment. Our rolls precisely fit Hughes huskers as well as huskers made by other major food processing equipment manufacturers.

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Husker rolls are readily available from Hughes Equipment Company, and competitively priced.

Our husker rolls are used for:

  • Sweet and Seed Corn Husking
  • Citrus Destemming and Trash Removal
  • Carrot, Beet and Potato Devining and Topping
  • Onion and Brussel Sprout Deleafing

Depending on the application, rolls are offered in both rubber and urethane compounds. Rubber is a better gripping material that wears well, but if longer performance is needed, urethane is the material of choice.

Specifically formulated rubber and urethane compounds — approved for contact with food products — are bonded to high-strength alloy steel cores. These cores have full-length internal key sets to provide maximum roll stability on the shaft and minimize keyway wear. Optional steel rib cutting blades are welded directly to the cores to improve roll life.

Types of Husker Rolls

corn husker roll configurationLow Profile rolls are used mainly for fresh market sweet corn applications. These are the least aggressive rolls and offer good husking ability with the least amount of damage to a produce.


High Profile rolls are widely used in sweet corn applications. These rolls offer a higher husking efficiency than the Low Profile rolls, while limiting damage to the product. The High Profile Roll with cutting blade is recommended for seed corn. A helical blade is welded to the core of the rolls, creating a progressive cut which quickly clears trash and stalk. This also prevents ears from standing up on the husker causing grooves to wear into the rolls.


The Spiral Roll with cutting blade is used for removal of trash from the product flow. This roll gives the trash a lane to be pulled through limiting the wear on other rolls.


The Maxi Roll is the most popular roll for hard-to-husk operations and is mainly used in the seed corn and citrus sectors. It is our most aggressive roll and has high husking efficiency with an auguring groove for trash removal. That limits the wear on the rolls by eliminating the need to pull trash through, as well as removing it from the product flow. A full-length cutting blade welded to the core helps eliminate “soldiering” of ears.


Hughes offers both half and end rolls in all of our roll varieties. The end rolls are used on the discharge end of the long shafts helping guide the discharge of the corn. The half rolls are used to offset roll seams on the shaft.

Typical Roll Combinations From Most to Least Aggressive

replacement corn husker rollsA set-up with Maxi Rolls paired up against Maxi Rolls along the entire length of the shaft provides the most aggressive option, used mainly for tropical or other hard-to-husk varieties of sweet and seed corn as well as the citrus and root crops. The first two rows of Maxi Rolls paired against each other provide great initial husking ability and trash removal. The following three rows of High Profile Rolls with cutting blades paired with Spiral Rolls with cutting blades allows for ample husking ability while limiting aggressiveness.


High Profile Rolls with cutting blades can be a very effective husking setup for easy to husk seed corn varieties. High Profile Rolls are the standard for sweet corn husking as they provide very good husking abilities while limiting the damage to the product. High Profile Rolls (with or without cutting blades) paired with Spiral Rolls with cutting blades is the least aggressive setup for seed corn.


Low Profile Rolls paired against each other along the entire length of the shaft provides our most non-aggressive option used mainly for fresh market corn husking and popcorn applications.


The combinations listed above are merely typical suggestions and in no way limit what combinations are possible.

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Contact Hughes Equipment for replacement husker rolls. Call 866-535-9303 toll-free in the U.S., or 1-920-623-2000. Husker rolls are readily available.

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