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Complete Lines for Processing Prepared Meals

chicken rice prepared mealGain the efficiencies and output you need for processing and packaging prepared foods and ready-to-eat meals through an integrated handling and processing system from Hughes Equipment Company. We offer complete continuous process lines for prepared foods.

Gain the Efficiencies of a Continuous Line

With a continuous processing line from Hughes, you’ll significantly increase production speed over batch processing, while producing accurate portions of prepared foods that retain the fresh appearance, proper texture and great taste consumers demand.

Custom Equipment Solutions
for Prepared Foods, Ready-to-Eat Meals

Each prepared foods system is unique. The experts at Hughes Equipment Company can work directly with you to design an integrated line of the right equipment. Or, we can provide CAD files to your engineering firm and assist in designing a system that will provide the highest productivity.

prepared foods processing line


Equipment for Any Prepared Foods

prepared foods equipment

Download Our Prepared Foods Brochure

Our continuous systems for prepared foods can include tote dumpers, conveyors, washers, blanchers, coolers, peelers, cutters, mixers, blenders, dewatering systems, fillers, flash freezers, and packaging and wrapping machines.

With food safety in mind, all our equipment is designed for easy, thorough cleanup.

More than 55 Years of Experience
in Food Processing Equipment

For more than 55 years, growers and processors have relied on the experienced people of Hughes Equipment Company for processing system solutions. Our staff’s deep knowledge of the food processing sector leads to innovative solutions that raise productivity and efficiency — giving processors greater access to the fast-growing prepared foods and ready-to-eat meals market.

Contact us today for turnkey solutions to prepared foods processing and packaging needs. Call toll-free in the US: 866-535-9303, or +1-920-620-2000 from anywhere in the world.

Download our Prepared Foods brochure.

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