Seed Corn Processor Nearly Doubles Throughput With New Version of Hughes Equipment Air Cleaners

June 8, 2014 — Field trash can significantly reduce productivity in corn processing, but a Wisconsin-based agribusiness has found a way to eliminate the problem and boost throughput.

“We were looking for a way to deal with our seed corn varieties that have lots of field trash,” said Don Hartung of Hartung Brothers, Inc., Madison, Wis.-based business with locations around the U.S. and Canada. “I was discussing the issue with a representative from Hughes Equipment Company who suggested air cleaners to solve the problem.”

If you don’t have the dryer space to increase loads, you can cut sorting costs by almost half by using an air cleaner.

Hartung Brothers installed one Hughes Equipment air cleaner and was so impressed with the results that it installed a second one right away.

Productivity Increases Nearly 100 Percent

“The air cleaners are boosting our throughput tremendously,” Hartung said. “When we have seed corn varieties or irrigated corn with lots of field trash, the air cleaners allow us to increase productivity by nearly 100 percent — from 10 loads per day to 20.”

Air cleaners are common equipment in food processing operations, but traditionally were not used to pre-clean seed corn just brought in from the field.

“Our innovative engineers and food processing system experts looked at Hartung Brothers’ entire processing system and modified our standard air cleaner design to reduce shelling in the cleaning process, and it’s worked very well,” said Ryan Metzdorf, sales manager at Hughes Equipment, in Columbus, Wis.

Removes Loose Husks, Silk, Stalk Pieces

Hartung found the modified air cleaners ideal for removing loose husks, corn silk and stalk pieces.

“We no longer need to have staff crawl on the beds to remove silk, so, we’ve increase safety and reduced downtime, and we’ve raised the air quality in our husker facility, the entire system is working much better now” he said.

“With the silk and field trash remover – air cleaner from Hughes Equipment, agribusinesses can spend more time processing corn and less time dealing with field trash,” Metzdorf said.
Hughes Equipment offers air cleaners tailored to specific product processing as well as three different model sizes to meet capacity requirements. The company also designs and builds conveyors to feed the air cleaners and to take away the trash.

“With solutions like the modified air cleaner, Hughes Equipment again is showing itself to be a true innovator and strategic partner to agribusinesses like ours,” Hartung said.

About Hughes Equipment Co., LLC

Hughes Equipment Company, LLC, Columbus, Wis., is a preferred designer and manufacturer of food processing equipment, including cooking, cleaning, conveying, cutting, cooling, filling, husking, metering and snipping machinery for food processors throughout the world. Food processors benefit from Hughes Equipment’s innovation and technology, as well as the staff’s design expertise and solid knowledge of integrated food processing systems. Hughes Equipment’s experience, knowledge and partnering approach allows the company to understand its customers’ immediate and long term needs and to provide solutions in a timely and efficient manner. Hughes Equipment is online at

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